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Hand Restoration

The telltale signs of aging not only include crow’s feet and gray hair, but also older looking hands — the kind of hands with skin that doesn’t bounce back anymore when you pinch it. Loss of soft tissue volume in hands allows for increased visibility of the underlying structures. Characteristically the skin is more translucent and shriveled, and you see underlying structures like bones, tendons and veins.

Hands get the most sun exposure, least protection, and perform the harshest tasks. No matter how young your face and body look, your hands may give away your age.

Simple steps that make a difference:

SPF: Sun/UV protection is by far the most important Treat your hands like your face and keep a small tube of sunscreen in your purse.

Moisturizer: Keeping your hands well moisturized with thick hand creams — particularly overnight — can keep the skin on your hands looking healthy and glowing.

Products to prevent and repair: To enhance the thickness and radiance of our hands, products like growth factor serums are highly effective. Hydroquinone pads also help with pigmentation, and Retin-A can reduce the signs of uneven skin tone.

In 2015, Radiesse received FDA approval for hand rejuvenation, becoming the first dermal fillers approved by the FDA for hand rejuvenation. Radiesse is approved for mixture with numbing lidocaine so that the process is virtually painless. Improvement in the appearance of your hands is often immediate and is indicated to last up to 12 months. Reactions are local and may include bruising and swelling.