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Harnessing the Power of Human Stem Cells

FactorFive Treatment

Harnessing the Power of Human Stem Cells as an Adjuvant to Microneedling as we age, there is a natural decrease in the levels of growth factors and cytokines that maintain the youthful appearance of our skin. Many of these factors are abundantly produced by our stem cells, which also decrease in number as we age. Now FactorFive, backed by real science, is harnessing the power of human stem cells. FactorFive helps your skin by providing human stem cell derived factors to boost and replace those that typically diminish with age. By providing the missing factors, the skin cells begin to behave more like they did when they are younger including an increase in collagen, elastin and extra cellular metric proteins that support skin firmness.

FactorFive is a blend of regenerative cytokines (tissue healing factors), polypeptide complexes, and potent human growth factors that work to fight the 5 signs of aging and promote youthful skin.

• Minimizes appearance of wrinkles
• Reduces the visibility of sun-spots
• Regain skin tightness
• Enhance skin thickness
• Smooth and heals skin surface

FactorFive sources stem cells exclusively from ethical sources. All natural, no harsh chemicals,
and made in the USA. Fresh adipose derived stem cells are used, with rigorous safety and
efficacy checks. No embryos, human eggs, bone marrow, or other controversial tissues are
used to produce FactorFive. In addition, FactorFive does not contain any cells, only proteins
derived from cells, leaving only purified and concentrated stem cell-derived factors as the final
product. There are no individual compatibility issues with these proteins.

IntelliDerm will now be offering FactorFive application as an adjuvant to boost the effects of nonPRP

Come in for a FactorFive treatment and see the amazing and visible
results for yourself.